NOVEMBER in NYC…. November 2013 was a special month in New York City…. home of Hip Hop, Mecca of  our culture. The month of november celebrated the 40th Annivesary of the Universal Zulu Nation. All major artists and activists united from all four corners of the world to celebrate at the National Black Theater, in the heart of Harlem, NY. A week long celebration that enable each and everyone to get together and share all elements of our culture. DJ, MC, B-BOY, B-GIRL, WRITERS, KNOWLEDGE, the 5 elements united for positive actions and celebrations. Family days, social actions in the community, concerts, parties, and Meeting Of The Minds made this week long celebration a must. Many long time artist and activist received prizes and where honored with titles for their hard work and involvement on uplifting the Nation. Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 5.29.28 PM

   DJ KOOL RED ALERT – JAMALSKI – LE BIJOUTIER : To be honest these two guys are the one who made me who I am today. A raggamuffin radio DJ defending hip hop to the fullest……nuff respect!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 5.27.38 PM CHIEF 69 – This young man is one of the most surprising cat you could meet in the Hip Hop world. MC, B-Boy and Writer, this 22 year old shares a true vision on the Nation and teaches free B-Boy and graffiti class weekly. This shot is taken from A walk in the South Bronx documentary coming soon.   Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 5.24.09 PM INCREDIBLE……for those who know me, you all know i am a big tall dude….But this cat is a Panther….he was the tallest in the Party, taller than the Ghettoblaster i built that was already 7 feet tall…   Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 5.22.56 PM JAZZY JAY –  LAVA 1&2 – Celebrating 40 years with Universal Zulu Nation legends. DJ Jazzy Jay and Lava 1&2 rocked all the parties with a smile.   PEACE UNITY LOVE and HAVING FUN…   Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 5.21.16 PM GRAND MASTER CAZ – MK-1 : Caz was all over the place and did it all in the early days of Hip Hop, and he still does. MK-1 came all the way from Australia to represent for Sydney and his chapter. Both of them where happy to pose for the record.     Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 5.19.50 PM CHUCK D : The political conscience of Hip Hop… founder of Public Enemy in the 80’s, he is definitly still the man he was back in the days… And he still get the outmost respect for his work and implication in the culture… it was a real pleaseure to get together again after the photos I did in 2007 for their album….it’s been a long time…   Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 5.18.52 PM POP MASTER FABEL – Original member of Rock Steady Crew, I met Pop Master Fabel in Marseille in 2000 when he came for a B-Boy workshop. I have seen him here and there over the years, but would have never expected to see him pop his special pippin and lockin moves in the street in front of the giant Ghettoblaster… what an honor….and what a great family days it was….   Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 5.16.23 PM ZULU KING SLONE : After months of organising the building of the Ghettoblaster, Slone, Graffiti hall of famer 2011, was honored to paint my giant sculpture. I was definitly honored too. Both of us know that it’s the beginning of a great collaboration.   Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 5.11.51 PM ZULU NATION – The Universal Zulu Nation is 40 years old, or 40 years strong I should say. Afrika Bambaataa leads the way, for this Universal power that is here to stay…   Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 5.09.58 PM   UZN FAMILY DAY – the Graffiti jam on family day was a great success… Over the fact that a dozen of graffiti writers got together to paint this giant wall on the side of The National Black Theater, the response from the people of Harlem was intense. For many reasons people where happy to see that ZULU was back on the block.   Graffiti is still up to this day an outlaw for of art, worth millions in the galleries and modern art museums all over the globe… New York City is still pressuring this art form and contemning its display…..lets fight to keep our culture alive an our element visible…   12/03/2013 M aka Le Bijoutier



Back in the place to be with a special Tribute to the Old School!

Dedicated to the Universal Zulu Nation, celebrating the 40th anniversary in November…..  This Giant CardBoard Ghettoblaster belong to the serie Remains of Our Past, and was built in Zwickau Germany during the IBUG Festival 2013…..Nuff respect to all the german possee and to my brother in action Frank of Ulan Bator Crew…..

Handbuilt with pride and cardboard by Le Bijoutier…..

JONONE – Abbé Pierre Hommage street art

J avais posté un lien il y a quelques semaines avec des photos du mur,

voila le film de la session….big up a toute l ‘equipe pour le super boulot.

Big up a Cosa Prod et BDDP


Let’s act and react….

<p><a href=”″>JonOne / Abbé Pierre – Recall (VF)</a> from <a href=”″>BDDP Unlimited</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Rock’n Come In

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I will show you whats up in my surroundings, and give you infos on my wanderings in and out the hip hop world.

In Febuary 2008, I published a photo book about New York City street art, called This Means Nothing by Le Bijoutier published by Powerhouse Books Brooklyn, NY.

In January 2008, along with the crew formed with G-Zep and Krussia, I produced with A Step Ahead Production our 1st Album called Makin’ Moves bringin together 14 Top of the crop New York MC’s, including Grand Puba, C-rayz Walls, Sean P, Afura, Poison Pen, Billy Graham, Creature, among others

In June 2007, was released “How to sell souls to…” the reunion LP between Public Enemy and former producing crew the world famous Bomb Squad, I had the chance to shoot the live photos for the LP. A great honor for a long time hip hop activist like me.  That’s how i celebrated my 20 years of activism.

well i hope you will enjoy these pictures and the rest…

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