Rock’n Come In

Welcome to my world,

I will show you whats up in my surroundings, and give you infos on my wanderings in and out the hip hop world.

In Febuary 2008, I published a photo book about New York City street art, called This Means Nothing by Le Bijoutier published by Powerhouse Books Brooklyn, NY.

In January 2008, along with the crew formed with G-Zep and Krussia, I produced with A Step Ahead Production our 1st Album called Makin’ Moves bringin together 14 Top of the crop New York MC’s, including Grand Puba, C-rayz Walls, Sean P, Afura, Poison Pen, Billy Graham, Creature, among others

In June 2007, was released “How to sell souls to…” the reunion LP between Public Enemy and former producing crew the world famous Bomb Squad, I had the chance to shoot the live photos for the LP. A great honor for a long time hip hop activist like me.  That’s how i celebrated my 20 years of activism.

well i hope you will enjoy these pictures and the rest…

feel free to send comments and contact me for more infos, bookings, exhibits, and prints.


M aka Le Bijoutier

aka Don Camera, aka El Furioso, aka Bijoutski, aka Beesy Beej


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